TURNING MECARD!! Auto Transforming Vehicles MEGA DRAGON Ckn Toys

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Published on 06 October 2017

Description Of Download Turning Mecard Auto Transforming Vehicles Mega Dragon Ckn Toys Video Full Hd

Today we are playing with this new cool toys from Mattel TURNING MECARD auto transforming cars.
Turning Mecard Mecanimals are super cool vehicles that transform in a flash to become gigantic robotic heroes! They are based on an animated TV show from South Korea in which mini cars morph into alien robots. Turning Mecard Mega Dragon lets you turn a trailer into a dragon in an instant! Just launch the turning vehicle through the slope and the transformation happens with a thrilling FLIP as the Dragon springs "to life"! Assemble the Dragon back to a vehicle and repeat again and again. You will spend countless hours engaging in active, creative play with magnificent transforming Mecanimals!