Top 100 Sports Plays of 2020 (U.S)

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Published on 19 March 2020

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Due to coronavirus multiple professional sport associations seasons being either canceled or postponed for 2020, coronavirus could possibly get worse and get all sports to be canceled this year, so I've decided to make the Top 100 Sports Plays of what's been the first 3 months of this terrible 2020. Now I hope NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, etc don't get canceled and coronavirus will leave the states soon, but if this is all we have then lets enjoy it. Please comment and debate which plays were better or deserved to be in the list or higher, my knowledge may not be as good as yours and maybe I forgot some plays but this is what I believe is to be the Top 100 Plays of the Year so far......

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Top 100 Sports Plays of 2020 (U.S)

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