How to Make an Animated Short Film

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Published on 07 August 2018

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Learn all the different steps I took when making my latest animated short film.
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So I’ve recently released my 3rd animated short film Tasteful, and I thought I’d make a video showing all the steps behind making an 3D animated short film, from start to finish and explain them as simply as I can, so that even if you’re not from the animation or visual effects industry you’ll get an idea of what it takes to make an animated movie.

1) Story (00:25)
2) Script (00:48)
3) Concept Art (01:10)
4) Storyboard (01:32)
5) Animatic (01:55)
6) Modeling (02:30)
7) Rigging (02:51)
8) Previs (03:38)
9) Animation (04:25)
10) Texturing (05:10)
11) Lighting (05:25)
12) Rendering (05:40)
13) Editing (06:12)
14) Color correction & Grading (06:29)
15) Music & Sound design (07:10)

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