Vintage Commercials 1988-1989 Vehicles Auto

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Published on 27 November 2009

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Order in which they appear: 1. Ford Aerostar Van
2. Toyota Make My Day Sales Event
3. Pontiac Lemans Wow! $5,799
4. Chevrolet Heartbeat of America
5. Buick Regal
6. Corolla vs. Isuzu
7. Ford Quaility is Job 1.
8. Chevrolet Camaro
9. OldsMobile Eighty-Eight Royal
10. AeroTurbo Hopper Tyco RC
11. OldsMobile Cutlass Ciera
12. Western Mass Chevy Deals

First thing that comes to my mind is where are the cheap car of that day. I hardly knew anything of a Pontiac Lemans, but at least it didn't take too many lemons to buy it.
What do you think of these vehicles, their makers, & the dealers for these specific commercials?
Any flaws in their advertising, strengths?
Hope you enjoy!