Curren$y in the trap! wit DC Young Fly Karlous Miller & Chico Bean

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Published on 20 November 2020

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New Orlean's own Curren$y the hot spitta pulled up in the Bentley truck to talk about his music and the independent hustle. Curren$y tells the story of making music with Wiz Khalifa to turn the lights back on & goes back to the child hood days when he was around some of New Orleans greatest rappers including Lil Wayne and C Murder. Plus Karlous Miller is now an ordained minister and DC Young Fly been drafted by the got damn Atlanta Hawks! Curren$y also tells the story of the time he got the highest!

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The crew also gets into the Versuz battle between Gucci Mane and Jeezy and what it means for the culture! and dont forget that lady at Subway who fell asleep making the sandwich! this is the coldest podcast!

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